Top 5 Trending Beard Styles for 2023

Top 5 Trending Beard Styles for 2023

01 November,2022 By admin

Many curious people have asked us whether beards will continue to be in demand in 2023 as it’s in 2022. As a leading barbershop in Rancho Cucamonga and elsewhere we assertively say yes! So, it means it’s time to refresh your appearance.

It has been observed that facial hair alters a man’s shape of the face. So, it’s time to give up on the traditional shape that you used to flaunt as facial hair completely modifies the way you look. Time to give try out the best beard styles in 2023.

According to research, nearly 33% of American males have some sort of facial hair, whereas 55% of males have facial hair globally. The study has also found that women found full-bearded men to be only 2/3rd as attractive and desirable as clean-shaven men.

A survey had shown that the craze for beards has only increased since 2011. Now more than 40% of British men sport some kind of facial fuzz. A full beard continues to remain the most popular option.

In this article, we’ll guide you about the most popular beard styles expected in 2023. These styles will surely add some glamor to your look as we cater to a lot of satisfied visitors day in and day out. Experiment as much as you want to find what suits you the most. Make that like your signature.

1. Short Boxed Beard Style

Also known as a corporate beard style, this happens to be a flexible and office-friendly option for men who wish to add a serious note to their faces. The perfect hirsute middle ground is to maintain kept tidiness. However, it shouldn’t be exceedingly preened. A short beard complements an official suit during the office meeting as it does once you hit the pub.

A properly trimmed beard will suit maximum face shapes. You may have to tailor the angles to highlight your best features and downplay your imperfections.

For a round face, you might wish to minimize the length at the sides a bit to elongate the face. Similarly, leaving the sides a bit longer can help widen a thin, narrow face.

Ask our barber in Claremont and other locations to tend your beard with your next trim. Then maintain the shape at home. It wasn’t easy ever to appear fashionable even homemade.

2. Stubble Beard Styles

If you aren’t prepared for a full beard; stubble can be an amazing alternative. Choosing between clean-shaven and a short beard, stubble is both practical in length as well as stylish.

Stubble is the easiest to cultivate among all the facial hairstyles available to men. You only need to stop shaving for a few days. Apart from being the easiest to maintain, it suits maximum face shapes.

Research has concluded that women prefer men with stubble. The researchers found that stubbly men provide women with a combination of both. It isn’t too strongly masculine, but mature.

Stubble provides good camouflage as well for imperfections such as acne scars and even skin pigmentation. Maintain neatness and trim. This style looks good in the corporate boardroom as well as a bar. Remember that the optimum growth period for the stubble is three to four days.

3. Grey Beard Style

We aren’t referring to the medicine man but the men’s beards that already became grey. According to a popular quote, men are never old, but wise.

Accordingly, there’s any better way to show the world how wise you became over the years instead by being modern. Grey being an asset, you need to show people that you know what you appear like and you accept it. Most importantly you like it due to its brave, masculine gesture!

Your open-mindedness won’t let you shy about your beard’s color change. There are many ways to wear it with style, irrespective of its color!

4. Tapered Beard

Growing a full beard is one of the harder things compared to its looks. Fuller the beard, the more maintenance it requires. You’re more likely to face more problems.

The tapered beard is the most challenging to take care of among all the beard styles, maybe due to its complexities. Men with oval faces won’t face any difficulty making it work. However, if you’ve any other face shape, you may require some kind of creative trimming to ensure it suits you.

By keeping the sides, a bit longer, slim, angular jaws and narrow faces can be softened and rounded by our expert barbers. In the case of round faces, they elongate by growing the hair at the chin longer and keeping the sides shorter.

Even you can make a rounder face appear thinner by growing the hair on the front of your face a bit longer than the stuff around the sides. Our hair experts suggest you regularly nip away at the odd rogue hair and maintain its smoothness with an oil or balm.

5. Trimmed Beard Style

Nowadays everybody has gotten used to the idea that men are wearing perfectly trimmed beards. So, we suggest you look impeccably for every occasion.

This dyed beard, perfectly trimmed and properly arranged can provide you with the look of a very stylish man. It’ll seem that you’re always focused on wearing a fresh and elegant look.

Conclusion:- More beard styles are creating quite a rage. You need to visit our barbershop in Claremont so that we can suggest to you what style suits your personality and face shape. Every day we are serving a lot of visitors and provide them with beard styles appropriate according to their facial shapes.