DIY Kids’ Haircut Tips: How to Maintain Hairstyles at Home

DIY Kids’ Haircut Tips: How to Maintain Hairstyles at Home

23 June,2023 By admin

Welcome, parents, to the guide of our best barbershop in Rancho Cucamonga on maintaining hairstyles at home for your little ones! We understand that scheduling regular salon visits can be challenging, especially when life gets busy.  

But fret not, because, with the right techniques and a little practice, you can become a pro at DIY haircuts for kids. In this blog, we’ll share our expert tips and tricks to help you achieve stylish and well-groomed hairstyles right in the comfort of your own home. 

1. Prepare Your Tools and Workspace: 

  • Before you begin, gather all the necessary tools: sharp scissors, a wide-toothed comb, hair clips, and a spray bottle filled with water. Having everything within reach will make the process smoother. 
  • Set up a clean and well-lit workspace, preferably in the bathroom or an area with a large mirror. This will allow you to have better visibility and control while cutting. 

2. Start with Clean and Damp Hair: 

  • It’s essential to start with clean hair, so give your child’s hair a thorough wash and gentle towel dry before you begin. 
  • Spritz some water on the hair to dampen it slightly. This will make it easier to comb through and ensure more precise cuts. 

3. Choose the Right Technique for Each Hairstyle: 

  • Different hairstyles require different cutting techniques. For example, a basic trim typically involves straight and even cuts across the ends, while layered styles involve cutting at different lengths to create texture. 
  • Research and practice the specific technique required for the hairstyle you’re aiming for. You can find tutorials online or consult our experienced barbers for guidance. 

4. Take It Slow and Trim in Sections: 

  • Start by sectioning the hair to ensure an even cut. Use hair clips to keep the sections separate and work on one section at a time. 
  • Take small, gradual cuts rather than trying to achieve the final look in one go. Remember, it’s easier to trim more if needed than to fix a drastic mistake. 

5. Pay Attention to Detail: 

  • Keep a keen eye on symmetry and balance as you cut. Check that both sides of the hair are even and match each other. 
  • Be mindful of the desired hair length and make minor adjustments as necessary. Taking off a little at a time allows you to maintain control and prevent overcutting. 

6. Keep Your Child Comfortable: 

  • Make the haircutting experience enjoyable for your child. Offer them a favorite toy or let them watch their favorite show during the process. 
  • Communicate with your child throughout, ensuring they feel comfortable and relaxed. Take breaks when needed to avoid restlessness. 

7. Practice, Practice, Practice: 

  • Remember, practice makes perfect! Don’t be discouraged if your first attempt isn’t flawless. With time and practice, you’ll become more confident and skilled in maintaining your child’s hairstyle at home. 

8. Safety First: 

  • When cutting your child’s hair at home, safety should always be a top priority. Ensure that the scissors you use are sharp and designed specifically for haircutting. Dull scissors can cause uneven cuts and even lead to accidents. 
  • Be cautious around the ears, neckline, and other sensitive areas. Use your fingers as a guide to create a buffer between the scissors and the skin to avoid accidental cuts or nicks. 

9. Finishing Touches and Styling: 

  • Once the haircut is complete, it’s time to add some finishing touches. Use a comb to gently comb through the hair and check for any uneven spots or stray hairs. Trim them carefully to achieve a polished look. 
  • If your child has longer hair or requires styling, use styling products like hair gel or mousse to achieve the desired look. Experiment with different styles and techniques to enhance the haircut and give it a professional touch. 


Maintaining hairstyles at home can be a rewarding experience for both you and your child. By following our DIY haircut tips, you’ll be able to keep your child’s hair looking neat, stylish, and well-groomed between salon visits. Remember, patience, practice, and confidence are key. If you’re unsure about attempting more complex hairstyles, our barbers are always here to help. Enjoy the bonding experience and create beautiful hairstyles right from the comfort of your home. 

Maintaining hairstyles at home has never been easier with our expert tips and techniques. Visit our best barbershop in Claremont or give it a try and watch your child’s confidence soar with their stylish new look!