5 Different Ways to Grow and Style a Chin Strap Beard

5 Different Ways to Grow and Style a Chin Strap Beard

27 September,2023 By admin

As style-conscious folks, you must have heard about the stylish world of chin strap beards. Are you looking to rock a facial hairstyle that’s neat, precise, and oozes confidence? If yes, then you’re in the right place. As your friendly neighborhood barbershop, we’re here to guide you through the art of growing and styling a chin-strap beard like a pro in the following article- 

But what’s a chin strap beard, you ask?  

Well, you can call it a beard style that is all about defining your jawline and making a statement. We do not recommend it for the faint-hearted. But if it is done properly, it can turn heads and set you apart from the crowd. 

The top 5 Chip-strap Styles are as Follows- 

Thin Chin Strap

A thin chin strap beard is like a fine line of style. It is elegant, angular, and ideal for people who want to look defined yet understated. With precise trimming, it accents your jawline elegantly. 

Stubble Chin Strap

Stubble and a chin strap beard make a rugged combo. It’s effortlessly cool, giving you that just-rolled-out-of-bed charm. People won’t know whether to admire your beard or your nonchalant attitude. 

Chin Strap and Goatee

When a chin strap meets a goatee, magic happens. You can call it a combination of boldness with sophistication. The chin strap frames your face while the goatee adds a dash of character. They are invincible when combined. 

Defined Chin Strap

For those who like their lines clean and their edges razor-sharp, a defined chin strap is the way to go. Groom yourself meticulously so that your appearance matches your wit. 

Beardstache and Chin Strap

The beardstache (a hefty mustache paired with stubble) alongside a chin strap is pure rugged elegance. This beard style attracts attention and leaves a lasting impression. Confidence? It comes with the territory. 

To Grow and Style a Chin Strap beard, You Need to Follow the Steps Below

First Step: Grow Your Beard to the Right Length 

First things first, you need some facial hair to work with. Let your beard grow to around 2 cm, ensuring that your sideburns and beard are connected. Chin strap beard styles come in various widths, from the thinnest “Pencil chin-strap” to the “Thick Chin Strap.” We recommend a “thick Chin Strap” as it gives this style more prominence. 

Second Step: Trim Your Beard to a Suitable Length 

Get yourself a good beard trimmer, like the Braun beard trimmer, and attach a 1-10 mm comb. Select your preferred beard length (chin beards look great anywhere between stubble length and 10 mm), and trim your beard evenly. Shave against the grain for thoroughness. 

Third Step: Determine the Shape of Your Chin Strap Beard 

Remove the comb from your trimmer and start carefully defining your beard shape. Focus on shortening all the facial hair outside of the chin beard shape. Then, shape your chin beard carefully, keeping it thin and straight. Make sure the width is symmetrical by alternating sides as you trim. 

Fourth Step: Shave Clean to Sharpen Your Appearance 

To achieve that extra smooth finish, use a quality razor like the Gillette razor. Apply shaving foam or cream, being careful not to cover your neatly trimmed beard. Shave against the direction of hair growth using single, continuous strokes until the skin outside your beard is smooth and hair-free. 

Fifth Step: Maintain Your Chin Strap by Moisturizing It 

Unlike other beard styles, the chin strap needs more love and care. Regular trimming is essential to prevent it from getting unruly. Shave the beard every 2-3 days to keep its overall shape. Feel free to experiment with different lengths and widths as your beard grows. You can go from a narrow, slit-like Chin Strap to merging it into a Goatee for a fresh look. 

Why Choose Clipson 66? 

Imagine you’re an artist, and your canvas is your beard. Well, Clipson 66 is your trusty set of brushes and paints. We’re not just any barbershop; we’re your partners in style, and here’s why: 

Expertise that Matters: 

Our team consists of beard whisperers, style gurus, and grooming wizards rather than just a bunch of barbers. They understand the nuances of a chin strap beard – how wide it should be, how it complements your face shape and the attention it demands. 

Personalized Guidance: 

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Once you step into Clipson 66, we take the time to understand your unique style goals. Whether you want a thick, bold chin strap or a subtle, refined look, we’ve got you covered. 

Precise Trimming: 

Creating the perfect chin strap requires precision. Our skilled barbers use top-notch tools to trim your beard to perfection. No more uneven lines or awkward angles. We’re all about those clean, crisp edges. 

Shaping with Finesse: 

Defining the shape of your chin strap beard is an art, and we’ve mastered it. Our barbers carefully sculpt your beard to ensure it’s symmetrical and follows your jawline like a tailored suit. 

Attention to Detail: 

It’s the little things that make a big difference. We pay close attention to the finer details, ensuring that your chin strap beard looks impeccable from every angle. 

Professional Products: 

We use only the best grooming products. We have a variety of premium products to apply. There are shaving creams to beard oils, to keep your beard looking and smelling great. 

Maintenance Guidance: 

Your chin strap beard is a work of art, and like all great works, it needs upkeep. We’ll guide you on how to maintain that sharp look between visits. 

Confidence Boost: 

Ultimately, Clipson 66 isn’t just about grooming; it’s about boosting your confidence. A well-crafted chin strap beard can completely transform your look. You will feel like a million bucks.   

We are not just your barbers! Consider us to be your partners in style as we help you turn heads and own your look with confidence. Come on in and let’s craft that perfect chin strap beard together! 


So, there you have it – the art of growing and styling a chin-strap beard. Although it requires some work, the outcomes are worthwhile. Remember, your beard is your canvas; sculpt it with confidence! Now, go forth and rock that chin-strap beard with style and confidence from us at Clipson 66!