Gentlemen’s Package

Gentlemen’s Package

Let us introduce you to the Gentleman’s Package that we at Clipson66 provide. Here grooming meets luxury. We think that being a gentleman is an experience as much as an appearance. Our package is a customized journey designed to boost your confidence and style, not just a haircut. 

The Gentleman’s Package: Revealing Your Innermost Self 


At Clipson66, we believe your style reflects you. It’s the art of sculpting, not just cutting hair. Our talented barbers create a haircut that is exclusively yours by shaping hair in addition to cutting it. We customize your haircut to reflect your taste, whether you want the classic elegance of a timeless look or wish to try the newest styles. It’s important to know who you are and create a look that inspires confidence and authenticity rather than focusing solely on the scissors. At our core, we do things your way, your style. 


Enjoy a rejuvenating facial experience created especially for you. It’s more than simply a skincare regimen at Clipson66; it’s a sensory experience. Our talented barbers will cleanse, exfoliate, and nurture your skin with high-quality products. This is about rejuvenating oneself and accepting the modern man’s journey towards self-care, not merely getting a facial. We go above and above to leave you feeling rejuvenated, self-assured, and prepared to take on the world. To fulfill our promise to give you an experience that is above and above the norm, it is not a luxury. You deserve to treat yourself, so do it. 

Face Massage: 

Unwind and let expert hands weave their soothing magic. Our face massage is a chance for you to unwind from the stresses of everyday life, not merely to relieve sore muscles. Imagine a pause button for the grind of daily life, where deft hands help you let go of the tension and stress you’ve been carrying. This is an opportunity to refresh, not just get a massage. Breathe deeply, close your eyes, and allow the day’s worries to melt away. At Clipson66, you can expect more than just a service—you’ll receive a revitalizing experience that will leave you feeling revived, energized, and composed enough to take on the world. 


Details make the difference. Our eyebrow grooming is a precise process that provides a refined touch, complementing your features while preserving your natural charm. It’s not simply about tidying up. At Clipson66, we focus on the details, making sure that your brows precisely and stylishly frame your face. 

Hot Towel Once Over/Close Shave: 

Enjoy the satisfaction of a close, precise shave after receiving a hot towel treatment. More than just grooming, it’s a sensory experience that leaves you feeling rejuvenated and prepared to take on the world. 

Why Choose the Gentleman’s Package? 

We know living a gentlemanly lifestyle is more than maintaining appearances. Our package is more than simply a list of services; it’s an investment in your self-assurance and general well-being. Here, each service is a step toward revealing your finest self, and every detail is handled with care. 

Book Your Gentleman’s Package at Clipson66: 

Are you ready to experience grooming at its finest? The Gentleman’s Package is designed to exceed your expectations. Book your appointment today and let us redefine your grooming journey. 

Because being a gentleman is not just a look; it’s an experience. 

Beard Grooming 

We at Clipson 66 recognize that a beard is more than just facial hair. It’s an aspect of who you are, a way to show off your uniqueness and sense of flair. More than just a fast trim, when we style your beard, it’s an opportunity to celebrate your individuality. Our barbers not only cut hair but also shape and craft, ensuring that your beard perfectly captures your style. We believe that a beard can be an artistic statement that adds to your charm rather than just being facial hair. It’s not simply a service; it’s a time to celebrate you. 

Expertise in Every Stroke: 

You will see that our barbers at Clipson 66 are not just trimmers; they’re sculptors. We take satisfaction in expertly shaping and cutting your beard in addition to cutting hair. Each deliberate, precise stroke of the blade highlights and defines the natural contours of your face. We understand that your beard is more than simply facial hair; it’s an integral part of your style and identity. Instead of just giving your beard a quick trim, our skilled barbers ensure that it is an artistic masterpiece that accentuates your unique face shape and style. 

Tailored Trims for Unique Styles: 

We accept and celebrate the fact that your beard is as distinctive as you are. We strongly oppose the notion of a one-size-fits-all approach. Whether you want stylish stubble, a full beard, or a well-groomed goatee, our barbers customize each cut to your preferences. Cutting is only one part of it; another is knowing how to style yourself such that your individuality is enhanced and genuinely captured. Your beard is more than just facial hair to us; it’s a blank canvas that we can use to create a one-of-a-kind portrait that tells your story. 

Soothing and Nourishing Treatments: 

Your beard deserves care, and we provide it. As part of our grooming services, we provide relaxing treatments to keep your skin and facial hair healthy. We use high-quality products, like conditioning oils and nourishing balms, to enhance the texture and sheen of your beard. 

Precision Edging for Sharpness: 

Particularly when it comes to beard maintenance, details count. Our precision edging services guarantee that the lines in your beard are crisp and clean, giving it a polished appearance. Whether you prefer a sharp jawline or a clean neck, our barbers pay attention to every detail. 

Beard Styling Advice: 

Not sure about the style that suits you best? Our barbers are not just here for the trim; they’re your style advisors. We offer personalized advice on beard styles that enhance your features, making sure you leave our salon not just groomed but confident. 

Relaxing Beard Massages: 

Grooming is more than simply a haircut—it’s experience. Take a moment to unwind with one of our beard massages. Allow deft hands to release stress so you may wake up feeling rejuvenated and prepared to take on the day. 

Personalized Beard Care Routine: 

Each beard is unique, and so should its maintenance. Our barbers offer customized beard care regimens that include instructions for maintaining, cleaning, and conditioning your beard at home. Maintaining the greatest quality facial hair in between salon appointments is a collaborative effort. 

The Clipson 66 Experience: 

Our beard treatments provide more than simply a trim; they provide an experience. When you walk into our salon, you’ll notice that the vibe here is about confidence, style, and a dash of luxury rather than just hair. 

Book your beard grooming session at Clipson 66 today. Because your beard merits a celebration rather than simply a trim. 

Beard Dye 

Discover the world of customized beard color at Clipson 66, where we view your beard as a means of self-expression rather than just a piece of facial hair. Our beard coloring services are more than just color correction; they’re an occasion to celebrate your sense of style, a nod to your personality, and an opportunity to showcase the statement you want to make in the world. 

Why Choose Beard Dye? 

You can choose the color of your beard. It’s an opportunity to show your personality, enhance your features, and alter your look—not it’s just about covering up grey hair. Our beard dying services are tailored to your own preferences, whether you’re going for a slight alteration or a dramatic makeover. 

The Process: A Personalized Experience 

Our skilled barbers are artists as well as technicians. Whether you want to hide greys, try something new, or match your natural color, the procedure starts with a thorough consultation to determine your desired style. Because we value teamwork, we make sure that your expectations and the outcome line up. 

Choosing the Right Shade: 

Choosing the appropriate shade is important, and our barbers are there to help. In order to suggest a shade that improves your entire appearance, we take into account variables like your skin tone, hair color, and personal style. It takes more than just switching up your color scheme to obtain the ideal shade that goes well with your skin tone. 

Avoiding Common Mistakes: 

Beard dying is an art form, and at Clipson 66, we take great care to avoid typical blunders in this area. We ensure that the result is smooth and natural by eliminating uneven application and artificial tones. We guarantee to improve the appearance of your beard without affecting its integrity or texture. 

Maintaining a Natural Look: 

Our goal is a natural look that complements your entire style without standing out. Our talented barbers precisely and meticulously apply the color, considering the special characteristics of beard hair. The result is a more youthful, vivid appearance that doesn’t scream “colored,” instead enhancing your facial characteristics softly to give you a self-assured, organic look. 

Beyond Covering Grays: 

At Clipson 66, we view beard dye as more than just a solution for covering grays; it’s a tool for self-expression. Beyond addressing aging, our services empower you to experiment with various looks, embrace new phases of life, or redefine your style. Whether it’s a bold change or a subtle enhancement, our approach to beard dye is rooted in the idea that your facial hair is a canvas for expressing your personality and style journey. It’s not just about coloring; it’s about celebrating your individuality and giving you the freedom to shape your appearance in a way that resonates with who you are. 

Why Clipson 66? 

Choosing Clipson 66 for your beard dye needs means choosing a personalized and expert service. Our barbers are not just knowledgeable about coloring techniques; they’re passionate about helping you achieve the look you desire. We use high-quality, safe products to ensure the health of your beard while delivering vibrant, long-lasting color. 

Book Your Beard Dye Experience Today: 

Ready to redefine your look? Book your personalized beard dye experience at Clipson 66. Whether you’re aiming for a subtle change or a bold transformation, we’re here to bring your vision to life. Your beard is our canvas, and we’re here to craft a masterpiece that reflects your unique style and personality.