Top 7 Best Hair Dyes for Men to Use at Home

Top 7 Best Hair Dyes for Men to Use at Home

09 February,2023 By admin

Being in the business for quite some time we have witnessed many of our revered clients preferring their favorite hair dyes. A few of our regular clients in our barbershop in Rancho Cucamonga often seek suggestions from us about what hair dye to use. Rather, they are more concerned about the brand of the product. The reason is obvious that none of them wish to compromise their hair and its looks.  

Despite our fame and goodwill in the market, we don’t hesitate to ask professional hair stylists and colorists about what they recommend. Even they also understand that everyone can’t afford professional treatment regularly, and with the pandemic during the last two years, many of our regulars have turned to the at-home route. 

Quarantine has taught us that visiting our salon is not always possible. That’s why people prefer professional products and colors. In this article, we have identified the top seven brands to make your at-home hair dying as safe as possible, from the ingredients applied to the process of dying and the color you opt for. The best at-home hair dye brands are as follows- 

1. Kristin Ess 

This is an amazing brand to apply for a gloss treatment. It is even more temporary compared to a semi-permanent dye. However, it can be great to use between professional treatments or as a fun shade of a color to test the colored waters. 

As glosses are temporary, that’s an outstanding way, particularly for lighter-haired people, to experiment, persisting with a touch darker or maybe presenting themselves like a rose gold or a nice honey blonde. It’s quite an innovative method to experiment without the permanence of dye. 

2. IGK Hair 

This brand is suggested by many experts as one of the best. They not only have an extraordinary shade range, but the kit is available with a post-treatment mask, stain removers, and everything else you’ll require to color your locks at home without the intervention of our barber at Claremont

It is the favorite of many hair stylists for virgin hair Even we also prefer IGK hair color a lot as many of our visitors ask for this brand. The main USP of this brand is its beautiful color match to make any hair super soft and super shiny. 

3. Arctic Fox 

If you wish to opt for a vivid shade of blue, red, purple, or any other rainbow hue, a leading brand would be Arctic Fox. Many eminent experts recommend this brand. It is sold at Sally Beauty in a plethora of shades, which is also one of Van Dam’s favorites. 

4. Manic Panic 

This is a beloved brand for a lot of celebrities. Many have flaunted their trendy TikTok famous black and red look. It was due to the use of vegan hair colors sold at Sally Beauty. 

Many prefer Manic Panic. If you were also obsessed over the voguish black and red hair last year, the red that was on the hair was originally Vampire Red by Manic Panic. 

5. Wella Professionals 

This happens to be another gloss brand, that you can effortlessly apply yourself for a touch of stunning color and shine that washes out after some shampoos. You can get it on Amazon and it is available in a plethora of natural and bright colors as well. 

We also got an opportunity to apply Wella first-hand on one of our customers and it was an eye catchy tone. Being an easy application, its liquidity enabled it to spread exceptionally well. 

6. Moroccan Oil 

For an attractive color and healthy, shiny locks, our barbers prefer Moroccan Oil, particularly their color-depositing hair masks. Being semi-permanent, these are like glosses and wash out after a few shampoos. 

Moreover, Moroccan oil makes an exceptionally great color-depositing hair mask, and it is available at Sephora. As they have regular natural tones, and brighter color-depositing colors, you can do like a blonde, brunette, or red. Else, you can get a more vivid color such as red, pink, green, or purple, whatever strikes your fancy. 

7. dpHUE 

We have observed that the brand dpHUE has a few amazing options that won’t leave your hair as damaged as attempting a full color on your own. This is why experts like it, particularly for gray coverage and root touchups. 

dpHUE is a brand that a lot of people apply, and they also make a lot of outstanding spray colors to cover your grays. It has been seen that a lot of people on TikTok simply spray their entire head and change from blonde to brunette or whatever they wish to do. 


At our barbershop in Claremont and other locations, we ensure that the best brands are used for hair dyeing. That is why we have repeat customers who keep our business running. If you don’t feel confident enough to dye your hair in the DIY method, you can visit us for the best results.